Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tool # 11

My favorite new tools are Diigo, Google Docs, Wiki pages,  and Wordle. I had heard of all of them before I started the 11 tools class, but I hadn't actually tried any of them. I would like to use a  Google Docs to set up a review assignment for a unit test. Students can all contribute to the document and then access the document when they are outside of class. 

Now, I am so excited to get iPads for my classroom!  I'm excited about the netbooks, too!!

Tool# 10

I want to be sure my students are aware of what being a good digital citizen means.So,I need to teach students how to check who is sponsoring a web page and how to evaluate the information they find. 
Atomic learning has workshop videos that talk about digital citizinship.  I plan on watching some of these in order to get a better understanding.

To share the idea of digital citizenship with parents I can include a paragraph about what we are doing on line onto my course syllabus/class information sheet.

Tool # 9

  1. I think it is important to tie the technology to the class objectives so that students see the technology as a tool for learning rather than as an end to itself. I think the technology objective should suport the content objective, just like the language objective suports the content objective.

  2. To hold students accountable I would watch each video for understand and pick one different piece per student to grade.  This will help with my amount of grading because each student does not know what question I will pick to grade.

    The first site I visited was manipula math.  I explored an activity they had on the pythagorean theorem.  I could use this as a station to let the students explore and see how the theorem works.  Some students are more visual learners.  A second site I liked was Mangahigh. I think I could use this as an incentive to have the students learn the desired concept.  

  3. With these as stations I would have to make sure that one students wasn't taking all the turns.  Its a matter of putting procedures into place.

Tool # 8

1- The Netbooks’ OS is Windows 7, so I will need to go online to find
2-  We can use the webcam to record the steps taken to solve problems when students work in small groups and then show it to the entire class.  Other teachers will also be able to see the videos.  

3-  I will have to create an account in iTunes with my district email address in my laptop, and then I will download Apps to my laptop using the iTunes store and sync the Apps to my other devices.

To manage the devices in the classroom I will use the Classroom Management tips found at:

Tool # 7

Content Objective:  Students will work together to create a lesson on Triangle congruency to present to another Geometry class.

I plan on having students  show me application to create a tutorial video for another class.  I will present the other class with the video and then have them use Today's meet to post their thoughts to the other class and have them discuss.

Tool # 6

One tool that Geometry team want to use in the classroom this year is blogger.  We want to create a blog for our classes where we can post what we did in class each day.  That way if a student is missing they can see what we did or if they have a question they can post the comment to the blog and we will respond.  With so many kids having smartphones it makes it easy for them to look up information.

I also created an acount in Diigo an Skype, but I am not sure if ever use it in my classroom.

Tool # 5

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I tried out 2 different tools that I found in this section.  The first was wordle.  Here is my example.
I think this will be good to use at the beginning of each unit to introduce vocabulary.  When I get done I can print out a copy for each student and we can talk about what the students remember about the terms.  I can also use this for my word wall. 
 I also tried out Prezi, it was fun to play around with.  This is one that I came up with




Tool # 4

I think we can use google docs alot throughout the school year.  In planning lessons we can collaborate with our team and not have to send the lesson multiple times.  If a teammate notices a mistake it can get changed immediately and not have to be resent again.  I know this past year, I would get confused over which was the newest copy being sent out.  With the ipads being given to our classroom, I plan on using the forms part of google docs to create quizzes for my students.  It will be an easier and faster approach to the old way of quizzing.  I think this is the tool that I am excited about the most.

Tool # 3 is a good website for Math activities. and video I showed to my students and, it was useful: I think dropbox is really usful and helpful. We have being used that since school started.

Tool # 2

PLNs are a good way to always have new ideas or help with finding resources. By commenting as well as reading comments, only expands your network. It allows you to create pages dedicated to a specific subject or concept.
A blog that I want to use is

Thursday, August 9, 2012